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Experiment Microcontroller AVR in C Codevision

1. Driving LED on AVR ATMEGA16 with CodevisionAVR
2. How to Get Data Switch on AVR ATMEGA16 with CodevisionAVR
3. Interfacing AVR MEGA16 with 7 Segmen common Anodoa
4. Connecting AVR ATMEGA16 with LCD Character
5. Reading Analog Input to ADC ATMEGA16
6. Building Timer to Generate Digital Clock
7. How to Count Pulse from Counter Function
8. Controlling motor DC with PWM
9. Get Interrupt External
10. How to connect Serial Communication RS232
11. Digital Clock with RTC DS1307
12. How reading data from Keyboard PC PS2
13. Driving Motor DC
14. Driving Motor Stepper
15. Display Dot Matrix 5x7
16. Writing and reading data to EEPROM Internal
17. How to reading data from Keypad 4x4
18. Simple Building USBASP Programmer

19. Sinus Generator with ATMEGA8
20. Accelerometer Analog 3 Axis with Display LCD Character 4x16
21. Sending ADC data via SPI interface MEGA16
22. Sending ADC data via Bluetooth connection MEGA16