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Best Microcontroller MCS-51/89sXX Project using Assembly

DC Motor Speed Regulation with A PWM Feed Back System with 89s51

This program uses a byte to store the time the motor is on, that is the number of cycles out of 256 cycles while the motor is on. a value of 10 means that the motor is on 10 cycles and off 246 cycles.The duty cycle value is stored in the internal register labeled dCycle. The complement of the duty cycle is similarly stored in register labeled dCycleC. Read More....

Interfacing Microcontroller 89S51 with PC Keyboard

The keyboard is free to send data to the host when both the KBD Data and KBD Clock lines are high (Idle). The KBD Clock line can be used as a Clear to Send line. If the host takes the KBD Clock line low, the keyboard will buffer any data until the KBD Clock is released, ie goes high. Read More....

Spirometer/ Frequency Counter using microcntroller 89s51

A very useful tool for the building electronics engineer, this digital frequency counter / frequency meter from MyTutorialCafe.com will give you the most bang for the buck. Based on the 89s51 microcontroller. A good use of the frequency counter is to calibrate other equipment. Read More....

Interfacing Microcontroller with Printer Dot Matrix

For bloggers who need to print the data by using dot matrix printers, like EPSON etc, the following is an example of an application, how to print the data by using a dot matrix printer. Read More....

Processing Frequency of Color Sensor TCS230 with Microcontroller AT89S51

The TCS230 programmable color light-to-frequency converter combines configurable silicon photodiodes and a current-to-frequency converter on single monolithic CMOS integrated circuit. The output is a square wave (50% duty cycle) with frequency directly proportional to light intensity (irradiance). The full-scale output frequency can be scaled by one of three preset values via two control input pins.Read More....

Automatic Audiometer base on Microcontroller AT89S51,

Automatic Audiometer is a microcontroller application in medical for investigating hearing thresholds in a 0 Hz to 22,000 Hz frequency range and -20 dB to 100 dB SPL range. It runs on very simple hardware, including headphone, push button and does not require any external or internal proprietary devices. It is very precise, easy to use and, due to the stability of digital circuitry, needs to be calibrated only once. Read More

Display Text on Dot Matrix 5x7 Microcontroller AT89s51

Still rarely encountered a blog that explains in full, how to work the text to print dot matrix display. In this experiment, we will explain how to print a character to the display dot matrix, using the dot matrix 5x7, 4 pieces. For the purposes of data menggesar, using IC 74HC595 shift registers, as the column driver, and the driver PNP transistor to drive a dot matrix line.Read More

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Best Seller Microcontroller MCS-51/ 89S52 Trainer Kit

Super Trainer Microcontroller MCS-51/ 89s52 (ready stok)

Belajar dengan menyenangkan adalah keinginan bagi mahasiswa atau hobbyst, dengan modul super microcontroller trainer MCS-51, maka anda dapat mempelajari microcontroller secara menyeluruh, mulai dari tingkat dasar sampai tingkat lanjut. Modul microcontroller ini sangat lengkap, sehingga anda tidak memerlukan tambahan modul atau alat tambahan untuk pengoperasiannya, termasuk programmer USBasp, power supply, dan kabel USB yang dapat dihubungkan ke komputer, untuk melakukan proses pemrograman. Setiap pembelian modul ini anda akan mendapatkan file PDF yang berisi panduan secara lengkap, mulai percobaan sederhana sampai percobaan tingkat lanjut. Untuk mempermudahkan penyimpanan, modul tersebut berada dalam sebuah kopor kayu. Modul ini sangat cocok sekali, untuk setingkat perguruan tinggi dan tingkat SMK.
Perguruan Tinggi yang menggunakan Trainer ini: Institut Pertanian Bogor ( Prodi Informatika ), Politeknik Negeri Padang ( Prodi Elektronika ), Universitas Islam Makassar ( Prodi Informatika ), Politeknik Negeri Pontianak ( Prodi Elektronika ), STMIK Profesional Makassar ( Prodi Informatika ), STMIK AMIK Riau ( Prodi Informatika ), Poltekkes Surabaya. Pengguna SMK: SMKN 1 Solo, SMKN 1 Cimahi, SMKN 1 Gresik, SMK Auto Matsuda Kuningan, SMKN 1 Curup Bengkulu, SMK Muhammadiyah Bumiayu Brebes, dan beberapa SMK dan PT yang lainnya. Read More....


Tutorial microcontroller MCS-51 with C Programming

Simple experiment How to Turn ON and OFF LED
Good morning bloggers, on this occasion, I will do some simple experiments, how to turn on and off LED using KEIL programming, C language course. On another occasion I will introduce, how to recognize software from Microvision KEIL this. Well first, make the circuit as shown in the figure below, or you can use the simulation program, such as proteus or default of the KEIL software. Read More

Reading Port using C Programming
We continue with the next trial, ie instruction on how to use the C programming language Keil. Usually the use of a microcontroller ports not all bits are used, but only in part bits are used, so that it can write commands that require only 1 bit PORT on the microcontroller. Read More

C Programming to output Display 7 segmen
Time delay is a function that is often used to perform the time delay before the next program execution, on this occasion will be shown how to create a simple time delay subroutine, using the command to do the looping for a certain amount, so you can set the length of the time delay. Read More

Interfacing LCD Character with Microcontroller 8051 C Programming
LCD character display is one medium that is often used to display the data, because it can display characters on the keyboard.

Interfacing ADC0804 with Microcontroller 8051 C Programming
Learning programming using C language, will make learning fast enough. At this time the ADC discussion, will be performed several experiments, from simple experiments with the output to the LED, and 7 segments. By using the C programming language, the process of manipulating or calibration can be done very easily, as well as to display the floating point data.


Tutorial microcontroller MCS-51 Assembly

Step by Step learning by doing
Learning to use a chip microcontroller 8051 89s51/52, step by step, from basic to advanced levels. In this experiment you will be guided to start experimenting with the hardware to the software.r. In this first experiment, you will learn how to interact with using LEDs, switches, 7 segment display, 2x16 Character LCD, Digital to Analog Converter, Analog to Digital Converters, Stepper Motor, Keypad, Timer Counter, and serial communication. Here is the link that can be used: LED, Swicht, 7-Segmen, LCD-Character, ADC_0804, DAC_0808, Motor Stepper, Keypad_4x4, Timer_Interrupt, External_interrupt

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