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ARM Processor
Architecture and Assembly

ARM Architecture: Everything You Need To Know

ARM processor architecture is the greatest computing invention in recent times. It is a wide family of Reduced Instruction Set Computing (RISC) architectures for processors that are configured for varying operations. The technology is designed by ARM holding that licenses it to other companies to customize for their own products. Whether you have a smartphone or a smartwatch, the chances are that it is using an ARM processor. To learn the basics of ARM assembly or its application, here is an ARM assembly tutorial for you. If you continue reading, you will also find information about online casinos and the online gambling industry’s future. By visiting microgaming-casinos.ca our visitors will stay updated on what the best casino software providers are and how can players benefit from no deposit bonuses. Keep following us. We are definitely worth your time.

Creation of the ARM Architecture

If you want to learn about ARM microcontroller programming, every ARM Assembly tutorial will require you to start with its history. Though the history of ARM can be traced before 1990 when the company used to operate as Acorn Computers, it was not until 1990 when it was formed and went by the name Advanced RISC Machines Ltd. By then, it was structured as a partnership venture between VLSI Technologies, Apple Computer (now Apple) and Acorn Computers. The partnership was created because Apple wanted to utilize ARM technology though it did not want to base its computing products on Acorn IP which was considered a competitor. To contribute to the partnership, Apple provided the cash, Acorn provided engineers, while VLSI provided the tools. That is how ARM was born and offices set in Cambridge. In 1992, the company released ARM6-based ARM610 processing unit that Apple used for its Apple Newton PDA. Two years later, Acorn used ARM610 as the primary processing unit in RiscPC computers. So good was the CPU that it only drew one watt at 233 MHZ. By 2005, approximately 98% of mobile phones had at least one ARM processor. By 2010, about 95% of phones, 10% mobile computers, and 35% of digital televisions used ARM-based processors. Today, the ARM architecture is licensed to many companies including Apple, Intel, Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, LG, Nintendo, Nvidia, and Cirrus Logic.

Use of ARM Processors

Arm processors tutorial for ARM assembly indicate, are mainly used when you are targeting low power consumption in a device. This is why they are included in tablets and smartphones since they need to run on batteries for more hours. Besides, ARM instruction sets can be found in the heart of controller systems such as storage drives and network routers. Here are other devices that use ARM processors.

  • Smartphones
  • Ebook readers
  • Smart TV’s
  • Cable TV Boxes
  • DVD players
  • Washing machines
  • Microwave ovens
  • Printers
  • Smart watches
  • GPS Devices
  • SSD controllers
  • Building control systems

ARM Architecture in Smartphones

Processors used in smartphones are different from those of PC’s because they need to balance power consumption and performance. If you take a closer look at the arm assembly tutorial, you will realize that in a modern smartphone, the ARM processor can be separate or an extension. However, there are some smartphones that use arm processor architecture with modern accelerators working together with processor cores. Besides, most of the modern smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone X are constructed using multiple application processor cores. This really helped with promoting mobile casino apps too. Today, there are thousands of casino apps to consider, but we recommend choosing one of the Top USA Casinos, that are also mobile-friendly. Notably, the modern ARM families (Cortex families) come with three architectures: Cortex-A, Cortex-R, and Cortex-M. The Cortex-A family such as the Raspberry Pi 3 are used in application-intensive smartphones. The other two, Cortex-R and Cortex-M, are used for medical equipment and internet of things (IoT) devices.

Mobile Gaming on ARM's Mali GPU

If you are a gaming fanatic, the tutorial on arm assembly indicates that the ideal phone should have advanced ARM processing units such as the Mali GPU. These smartphones are able to load and play even heavy mobile casino games with casino bonuses. With the rise in popularity of mobile casino apps with casino bonuses, legal casinos are finding it easy to take the casino experience to people irrespective of their location. The mobile legal casinos do not take their gaming platform to users and rely on the arm assembly tutorial, but they also offer various casino bonuses that allow people to play for free as they complete for real money rewards. Unlike mobile apps, web-based online casinos have much wide game variety, player options, and a vast number of bonuses. GollyGames will introduce you to the best legal casino sites, but also honest feedback on online casinos.


The arm processor architecture and the arm assembly tutorial are one of the fastest growing technologies that are making it easy for mobile device users to get more services remotely. In the mobile casino niche, the ARM architecture has made it easy for casinos to craft more casino games and easily taking them to users. Therefore, if your smartphone is using the latest arm processor architecture, you can go ahead and download the preferred casino app and start playing with bonuses or real money. Search for the best online slot games and internet casino games on MafiaGamez. This site lists thousands of current titles, ranging from slots to arcades that you can play for free.

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