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Tutorial Microcontroller MCS-51 ATMEL ISP

Tutorial Microcontroller MCS-51 ATMEL ISP


Microcontroller Kits

Programmer and Target 89s51

Simple Mikrokontroller 89s51 Trainer

Mikrokontroller 89s51 Trainer

Super Mikrokontroller Trainer 89s51



Computer Interfacing Tutorial, Basic and Application of Computer Interfacing – LPT, Serial and Game Port using Delphi Programming.

Hobby Projects :A Complete Electronic Resource Centre – Circuits & Tutorials

 Electronic Kits – Hundreds of Electronic Kits and Projects at ElectronicKits.com


 Dontronics Home Page

Science Lobby – Tutorial & Circuits Science Lobby is a useful collection of Electronic Circuits, Schematics, Projects, Electronic Tutorials, Diagrams, Science Projects Fair to find quick solution for electronic design problems.

Electronics-Lab.com, Welcome to Electronics Lab!. Here you can find useful circuits with full description, diagrams and PCB, electronics articles, links and downloads

ElectronicsTeacher.com :Electronic Tutorials, Electronic Project Kits, Robotics Guide for Students, Amateur and Professionals. Computer Architecture and Digital Circuits.

Crosslink Technology Inc., Formulated Epoxies, Urethanes and Cast Electrical Part.

Hemmerling.com Embeded System

Sciencelobby.com, Electronic Tutorials and Guide for Electronics Hobbyst

 Electronic Kits SuperStore – Hundreds of Electronic Kits & Projects for hobby, education, professional and industrial applications at quasarelectronics.com

DH MicroSystems, Inc, High Quality PIC Prototyping & Development Boards, FED PIC C Compiler Products, & Contract Electronic Assembly Services.

Delabs.netfirms.com, Webpages of delabs is intended to support electronics education. The documents, software, tools and links are provided to enhance the ability of an electronics hobbyist or professional by sharing information.

Discovercircuits.com, a resource for engineers, hobbyists, inventors & consultants containing a collection of 17,000+ electronic circuits or electronic schematics cross-referenced into 500+ categories plus an extensive electronics engineering resource section.

Techlearner.com, We provide for Electronics and Technology Basics Learning :
Basic Electronics subjects, Electronics Companies, latest Electronics News, Application Notes, Dictionaries, Tutorials, Reference Links, Circuits and Datasheets.

Solorb.com, SolOrb is an abbreviation of Solar Orbit, we sell solar charge controller kits for photovoltaic systems.

Elexp.com, electronics express

Electronics2000.co.uk, Welcome to Electronics 2000. This site has something for everyone interested in electronics – a beginners guide to project building, technical data, interactive formulae calculators, software downloads including my own Electronics Assistant program (see screenshot below), links to other sites and more.

Hobbyelectronics.info. The information site for your electronics hobby.

Electronic-circuits-diagrams.com, This site contains lots of FREE electronic circuits (schematics) & do-it-yourself (DIY) circuit diagrams for hobbyists, students, professionals etc. covering a wide range of categories in electronics like audio, music,home/garden related,computer hardware,radio,robotics etc to name a few.

Apogeekits.com , Home of high quality electronic kits, tools, test equipment, instruments, tutorials, products and plans for beginners to professionals.

Madlab.org, a hands-on electronics workshop for children and adults. This site has a lot of kits and nicely done tutorials and guides for beginners interested in learning more about electronics.

ElectronicsUSA.com – Digital Clocks, Digital Timers, Countdown Clocks, LED Art Clocks, Electronic Kits, Ham Radio Products and Cool Gadgets.

Electronics-tutorial.com, Offering free comprehensive basic electronics tutorials in amplifiers, antennas, ham radio, filters, oscillators, power supply, receivers, test equipment, transmitters, radio design and electronics design.

Aade.com, Almost All Digital Electronics

Hobbytron.com. Electronic kits, educational materials, and more

Tronicszone.com, TronicsZone offers custom electronic design services covering a wide area in the electronics domain. We design all kinds of electronic circuits or products according to custom specifications.

Electronicsrepair.net, On this site is kept schematics diagram and service manuals of home and office electronic equipment, technicians advice on the repair of, useful reference information, repair tips and much more.

Active Robots – Robotics & Electronics Technology

Pond.ie, Pond electronics provides a range of innovative embedded system products & services to industry and education

Programmersheaven.com, This site is dedicated to programmers all over the world. Our main goal is to provide a complete start-off for programming related web surfing and file downloading.

Microbyte.com.au. MicroByte Electronics Designs, Develop, Manufacture and sell our own range of project kits based around MICROCHIP’S PIC® Micro-controllers.

Circuit-fantasia.com, How to Understand, Present and Invent Electronic Circuits

Twysted-pair.com, Download a free electronics lesson or use the helpful resources. Find tools to help you work with resistors, capacitors, inductors, FETs, transformers, diodes, transistors, digital logic, TTL and CMOS devices.

Digital5.ece.tntech.edu , Advanced Microprocessors MicroControllers.

Circuit Exchange Link, Electronic and Radio schematics, Design,Theory,Circuit Analysis

Teknetelectronics.com, Provide quality testing equipment Fluke, Tektronix, TekNet, Hewlett Packard Electronics is a global provider of quality reconditioned electronic test instrumentation.

Interface.centraltreasure.com, PC Interface Knowledge Base

Kelas-Mikrokontrol.com, menyediakan layanan seputar mikrokontroler dan sekaligus dalam rangka memasyarakatkan mikrokontroler sebagai salah satu jalan untuk mencerdaskan Bangsa.(Download, info produk, info pelatihan dll.)

Electronics Circuit on Website :Electronic circuit & schematics Collection resource for Hobbyist,
Engineers, Students, R&D Engineer , Design theory, Microcontroller Project,Software Development

Eektronik devreler. Development projects and sharing info bout electronics and technology. in Adition it has been graduate project, experiment report and homework about electronics and technology.

Contract Manufacturing Description: At RH USA, contract manufacturing solutions are just the beginning of our expertise.

Info on RF Circuits and Systems   Tutorials on RF building blocks, RF system design, EDA tools for RF Circuit Design, etc.,

Engineering Knowledge
Free engineering software, projects, tutorials and more!

TSAN Electronics
Description: Find Electronic parts including semiconductors, capacitors, integrated
circuits, laptop batteries and computer logic boards from Tsan.


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